About Toha

ToHa Building

The architect and designer Ron Arad, along with the architect Asa Bruno, and the association with Gav Yam  designed a mind-blowing structure, the ToHa Building.

In collaboration with AMOT

A great effort and a lot of thought were involved in building this unique building, serving as an accessible and effective work place.

About the unique construction

Arad’s design is not a simple design; it requires state of the art skills among other things, together with precise planning.  Those- made it possible to the first part of ToHa project to be completed.

The floors of the first building are narrow at the bottom, wider in the middle and then tapering narrower again as they reach the roof, giving a twisted appearance to the building.

Horizontal overhanging and rotated floors plates create sunshades for floors below.

Standing in the internal atrium of the building you can get a direct view to the skylight by looking up the 100-meter high space. A huge open space lobby, which rises up seven stories high, provides a view through the glass windows to the roof and serves to bring in natural sunlight. Trees have been planted inside the building as well, adding life and color and creating a green space.

For this building to become a pleasant work place, Arad, together with Gav Yam , decided to designate the seven lower floors as the location of the technical plants-which keep the rooftop clean. This clever decision made it possible to open a restaurant, a perimeter walkway to access the entire roof and two terraces where employees are able to enjoy their break time. Taking into account all these premium conditions, the building became one of the most desired work places in Tel Aviv.

The use of high-tech and the special green approach of Arad, Asa, Gav Yam , awarded Arad’s architecture studio with recognition and a LEED platinum certification.

ToHa Building- description

This unique multistory building in Tel-Aviv is hard to ignore and it attracts the eyes and minds of every person to see it.

Asa Bruno, the Architect who led Arad’s studio in England and made the connection with the ToHa project says: ”Such an immense building, erected at this spot, cannot be ignored and will definitely call for all sorts of emotions.

The intension of the architect was not to please the onlookers mind but to create a great working place, intended to answer the needs and provide solutions to the people that work there.

The building is located near Hashalom train station, making it an easily accessible and a very popular place for the passerby.

The building looks quite different from the other multistory buildings in the vicinity; the wide floors of this building will be mainly utilized as offices spaces.

Another building- ToHa2 is still in its planning stages and is designated to rise up to 70 stories-high building, which will be joined with this 27 stories-high building.

At the present, around the location of the ToHa tower, there are other projects in various stages of planning and construction of multistory buildings. We cannot yet see the outcome of the entire zone, but we expect it will make this area of Gush Dan very busy and significant.

For the meantime, the local residents may enjoy the ToHa building, which provides their entire work needs and is the most significant building complex in this area.

Project Development

Prior to the development of the ToHa project, Gav Yam  requested Arad to design a magnificent architectural concept that would be both, magnificent and utilitarian.

After presenting his unique idea, it has been decided to join together seven land lots into one huge area, benefitting the size and grandeur of the building and all of the equipment required to build it.

In a discussion held in Tel-Aviv, Arad praised Gav Yam , for their decision to contact him, asking for the creation of this unique structure. He said: “There are many good architects, intelligent and bursting with imagination, however there are not so many good clients, leading the path to building a great building.

In developing and designing this building, Arad placed all of his heart and soul into the project and he is getting excited talking about it each time like he was doing it for the first time.

The building was not designed, thinking which is the best, which is the tallest or the grandest building, or which building looks best. It was not meant to take part in a competition with any of the surrounding buildings.

“Also”, he says, “The building was not meant to be a sightseeing focal point or a tourist attraction.

I believe the functionality and aesthetics of the building are not working against each other, but rather beautifully mesh and harmonize together to create a masterpiece”.